Vision 2030

Is your organisation ready for the future?

Vision 2030 is a collaboration between BDO, TomorrowLab and Living Tomorrow

On the 14th of June 2022, BDO and Tomorrowlab are showing you what your organisation can/should look like by 2030!

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Here’s how we’ll shape our vision for the future in one day

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Strategy track

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The Business Model Canvas as a framework for innovation and future-proof strategy for my business

Dorien Piessens

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) helps to map the crucial elements of a business strategy. What are these elements and, more importantly, how can a BMC help prepare the future of my business? How can I adapt my BMC in times of extreme volatility? How do market innovations and competitors’ strategic initiatives influence my strategy? How can my organisation leverage innovation for competitive advantage?

The future will be digital and driven by intelligent data

Marijke Verhavert

The future will be digital and data-driven. Perhaps managers will be too. Digital and data-driven strategy is no longer side-lined, but permeates corporate strategy everywhere. What does value still mean in the digital world? What is the future of digital communication? What digital partnerships can be established? What digital assets should organisations invest in? What is the impact of digital on the cost and revenue structure? In other words: how do you prepare your business model for a digital future?

Stress-testing my business strategy in a changing world

Dorothy Mingneau

More than ever, strategy must go beyond the transactional environment. How are my market, my customers, my business model affected by contextual environmental factors? In times of extreme change and volatility, it is necessary to integrate a strong “outside-in” perspective into your strategies. How can you anticipate and innovate in a context of socio-demographic, geopolitical, political and technological disruption? The application of scenarios is essential in this respect.


Finance track

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The CFO’s office in 2030: The perfect intersection of efficiency gains and data intelligence insights by leveraging handsfree accounting tools, RPA, data lakes and AI

Alexander Veithen

Yvan Absil

The CFO function started only to exist in the 60ties and has known a dramatic increase in popularity in the 80ties and 90ties as their role expanded to more strategic positions. With recent technology advances, the CFO and his staff are confronted with increased efficiency gains in the finance function and a massive amount of data from different sources. One should even raise the question of whether the title of the “CFO” should not be renamed into CDO (Chief Data Officer) or “CBIO” (Chief Business Intelligence Officer). As a CFO promoted to CEO of a successful company stated: active financial and non-financial data management simply multiplies by at least 3x the value of your company.

Value creation, the dawn of a new era

Fabrice Lobet

With the recent crises, the traditional way of doing business is heavily being questioned! Hierarchical management, organizational pyramids, blind decisions, arbitrary strategies and rigid business models are all handicaps for the world to come. We are leaving the era of fixed financial valuation and entering the era of continuous value creation. A concept that goes beyond simple numbers to capture all the multiple dimensions of the organization: operational efficiency, sustainability, innovation capacity, decision-making processes, partnerships or even culture(s). New horizons are opening up for you. So, are you ready?

Horizon fiscal 2030

Letizia Caltabellotta

Olivier Michiels

We all like to have surprises from time to time, except when it comes to taxes. Every organization deals with taxes, but like the economy itself, tax laws are constantly changing. Prepare yourself for what lies ahead and join our tax experts as they give you their opinion on how the tax landscape is expected to evolve over the next 10 years. Both in Belgium and internationally.


Technology track

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In the future, off-the-shelf or low-code applications where data will be used for taking smart decisions will be widely available. This data will be used for education and training but also to create a new point of view on doing sales and of course in virtual, augmented, enhanced and extended reality technology. Also discussed: We will need 6G, don’t we?

Walter Vanherle

Dany Donnen

Technology is rapidly evolving thanks to the miniaturization of sensors and increased computing power, both of which are advancing exponentially. The software is getting smarter with low code, reasoning and cognitive functionalities. Computing power is already scalable. Affordable quantum computers are expected to enable even more accelerated development of artificial intelligence with numerous applications in everyday life and in business. The increased communication capacities combined with bandwidth and speed but also the lower latency of 5G and the expected 6G are great instruments. Combining these calculations- and communication capacities with new software capabilities will allow improved and new applications in and across sectors. In user mobility, logistics, life cycle management of construction, healthcare prevention and curation, business services, environmental with building technology…

Every business will always have opportunities and challenges in the future. The quest for discovering the unknown has begun.

Cyber risks in 2030

Nick Huysmans

Where cyber-attacks are already high today, cyber risks will further increase in the future. As our company needs to remain competitive, we will need to introduce new technologies to improve our products and to increase customer excellence and operational efficiency. In this session, we will demonstrate how such new technologies like IOT and Augmented Reality are introducing new possibilities to hackers hereby increasing cyber risks of companies, and how we will need to adapt our cyber strategy to mitigate these risks.

The future of work

Lara Delloye

Mario Santy

Corona blew up telecommuting. Work will be different after Corona. Accelerated digitization, flexible workplaces, different meetings, different offices more focused on connection and collaboration, different leadership, different mobility, the end of the company car, flexible work… What will work look like in 2030? At BDO, we provide you with the inspiration you need to prepare now…


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