Let’s talk about Innovation

From funding a project to investing in people and assets, when you’re ready to embark on your innovative journey, your projects need capital – and quite a lot of it. With several incentives offered by the Belgian government, it is rather easy to feel overwhelmed and feel lost as to what measure applies to your situation. With the right financial, tax, and legal support, however, you may come a long way. Furthermore, your ideas and innovations must be protected to maintain your competitive advantage or sustain the growth of your business.

As your all-in-one innovation partner, BDO has created a report with an overview of the support we can offer during your company’s innovative journey, starting from the concept and scope to define the direction and right type of funding.

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Meet our BDO Innovation team

The BDO innovation team is a multidisciplinary team of more than 20 highly-skilled employees, represented in all our local BDO offices.  They have proven expertise in various fields related to innovation:

  • Tax credit/investment deduction for R&D

  • Innovation deduction

  • Authors rights

  • Wage withholding tax exemption

  • IP contracts

  • Subsidy


Don’t hesitate to contact one of our R&D Coordinators:

Delphine Vanassche
Senior Manager

  • delphine.vanassche@bdo.be

  • +32 476 97 88 48

Stijn Rasschaert

  • stijn.rasschaert@bdo.be

  • +32 473 94 24 38