Time to make it count!

At BDO, we make it count for you by focusing on 4 key areas (as seen below).

However, for this challenge, you’ve got to make it count by creating your own ‘Make it count’ campaign.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visualise our ‘make it count’ message in a video, poem, meme, image…

  • Send us the result via Whatsapp

You’ve got 20 minutes to complete this challenge so no time to lose!
The team with the most creative, original idea gets 12 points.

You create
You win
You count

Make it count: 1 main message, 4 focus points.

Build a meaningful career, develop yourself, create impact & contribute to the business of tomorrow.
In a company with vision & values, where you and what you do counts.



You can truly be yourself. You will join a close team of experts who encourage respect, diversity and teamwork. You work in an open culture, so feel free to speak to anyone, at any level.

Growth & Development

Growth & Development

We help you grow both professionally and personally. We want to invest in you and give you opportunities in line with your interests and passions. No pre-defined paths, but tailor-made careers.



Your physical and mental health are important for us, so we create an environment where you can work in the conditions that best suit your needs without financial, mental, psychosocial,.. stress.



You make the difference. You have the freedom to explore innovative solutions, inspire us with new ideas, and create tailor-made answers for our clients.

Discover how some of our young graduates make it count at BDO

What I appreciate in working at BDO is their ‘learning by doing’ approach. Since day one, my colleagues have involved me in various projects, valuing my input and opinion. I get a lot of energy when I see that I can use my knowledge to help our clients and that they listen to and implement our advice. And my great team makes me believe in the ‘let’s grow together’ vision!

Ellen Bruynseels, Risk consultant

BDO makes the difference for me because you feel that they’re genuinely interested in you as a person. They want to know in which direction you want to grow and you receive many opportunities to work on different clients or projects. The flat organisational structure also stimulates collaboration with high-level partners, which results in daily learning possibilities. During my first 6 months, I already followed a couple of courses & training, so I really feel like I’m building my career in the right direction.

Jennis Callens, Management Consultant (Strategy & Transformation)