If someone asks you what the most valuable and future-proof resource is today, what would you answer?

Data is an incredibly powerful resource in the age of information we live in. It provides us with customer insights, such as behaviour patterns, consumption habits, character traits and product quality to name a few. Data can tell what’s happening in an organisation, and if managed well, why.

However, many companies are struggling to manage this increasing volume, let alone extract valuable and actionable insights from these data, due to a lack of time and/or knowledge. To retain their competitive advantage, it’s essential to learn how to dive deeper into the richness of data and how to use it to their advantage to make insight-driven decisions

In this white paper, you will learn about the importance of data maturity (analytics) and how to manage data through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. We explain how to pinpoint your current data maturity level — and the incremental steps you can take to level up.

“In businesses, there’s no way AI or data analytics would function independently from humans. After all, the role data can play in your organisation needs to be defined, and constantly re-evaluated, by the domain experts, managers, and executive workforce who make your organisation tick.”

Maarten Vanhoof, big data expert and founder of Himawari

In this white paper

In this white paper, you’ll learn

  • why it’s worth to turn to data-driven decisions

  • the key elements of data management

  • how to increase your data analytics maturity by gaining insight in maturity levels and the actions required

Get inspired

To make the journey to becoming a data-driven company more concrete, a client case illustrates how drone (UAS Unmanned (autonomous) Arial System) and AGV (autonomous guided vehicle) technology have helped in a warehouse operations improvement project.

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