Do CFO’s play a leading role in digitally transforming their SMEs?

And if so, what does a successful digital CFO look like?

Digitalisation has been rapidly changing the business environment throughout the past years. Today, every organisation should embark on its digital transformation journey and embrace the numerous opportunities that new technologies offer. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic emphasised this even more strongly. However, often, there’s no one to stand up and take the lead in this digital transformation process.

In this white paper, written and published by Vlerick Business School, the CFO is put forward as the one in the ideal position to take up a leading role in this digitalisation journey.

More specifically, 3 main questions are answered throughout this white paper:

  • Does the CFO actually get involved in the digital transformation?
  • Does the CFO’s involvement accelerate the digitalisation process?
  • What do successful digital CFO’s look like and how do they distinguish themselves from other CFO’s?

Content of this whitepaper

In this white paper, you will learn more about:

  • Does the CFO get involved in the digital transformation?

  • Does the CFO’s involvement accelerate the digitalisation process?

  • What does a succesful digital CFO look like?

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Particular focus on CFO’s in SMEs

In this white paper, Vlerick has focused their research on the Belgian SME landscape and the CFO’s involvement in this particular setting. SMEs form the backbone of the economy, and account for more than half of the country’s added value or wealth. However, today’s research and consultancy reports about the digital transformation usually focus on large, multinational firms. And although the same applies to small- and medium-sized firms, much less is known about the current situation in SMEs.

Vlerick reports on survey responses from a total of 121 CFOs and finance leaders with various levels of experience who are active in a wide variety of sectors.

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