Get a taste of your future career!

We’re back for a new edition of BDO Dining Out!

BDO Dining Out: discover the recipe for your future

You’re almost graduated 🎓 and looking for a job in consultancy, but you are not yet sure how, what or where? Then BDO Dining Out is the perfect event for you.

What’s on the menu?

Grab a seat and get to know BDO and our colleagues. Ask them all your questions, explore your interests, listen to their experiences and, above all, enjoy a pleasant evening with great food and good company.

As the night unfolds, we’ll treat you to a series of courses. Every course you’ll get the opportunity to chat with BDO ambassadors from different business practices. This hands-on experience will help you pinpoint your passions and give you a taste of BDO’s personal way of working.

Where and when do our Dining Out events take place?

  • 20/03 – Antwerp – De serre (NL)

  • 26/03 – Ghent – Sgol (NL)
  • 27/03 – Louvain – De Hoorn (NL)

  • 28/03 – Brussels – Brasserie Bagnole (FR & NL)
  • 16/04 – Liège – La Grande poste (FR)

For whom is BDO Dining Out intended?

🎓 You are in your last year of your studies (masters of bachelor).

🔢 You have an interest in at least one of the following business practices: Audit, Accountancy, Tax & Legal, Advisory (Digital, Risk, Sustainability, Financial advisory,…).

😋 You are always available for a pleasant chat while having a delicious dinner.

See you there!

Feel free to bring a friend and discover the recipe for your future together with BDO!

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