BDO Insight Days

Discover what it’s like to be a finance consultant for half a day.

Get a taste of what it’s like to be a BDO consultant within our finance teams for half a day.
Discover our informal culture and personal way of working firsthand.
Get to know our colleagues and ask them all your questions!

You get to know all finance departments from the inside out!

After a nice cup of coffee and a warm welcome from our HR colleagues, you’re all set to explore BDO.

In three sessions, you will discover what it is like to be a consultant and make your career count. What are the differences between accounting, tax and audit? How are our teams organised? What kind of projects do our colleagues work on? How do they make a difference?

We end with a lunch where you can ask all your questions to our colleagues, that way you won’t miss out on any of the opportunities within BDO.

Are the BDO Insight Days for you?

🎓You’re in your last year and ready to start your career

🤗 You’re looking for a job in a warm consulting company, where you make every step of your career count

Exclusive visit to our offices on:

  • Tuesday 27/02: Ghent (NL)

  • Wednesday 6/03: Zaventem (NL/FR)

  • Wednesday 13/03: Antwerp (NL)

Your Insight Day at BDO looks like:

  • 09.00 – 09.30 Welcome
  • 09.30 – 10.00 Introduction by our HR colleagues
  • 10.00 – 12.15 Interactive sessions about life as a consultant in audit, accounting and tax

  • 12.15 – 13.30 Lunch with our finance colleagues