How do you develop a digital transformation strategy for the finance function and what are the main characteristics of a digital finance leader?

Cloud computing, robotics, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, … The rapid technological evolution is irrevocably changing our lives and strongly influencing our way of working. The COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent mandatory teleworking period have only added to the importance of digitisation in business. For many CFO’s, the crisis has been a wake-up call to start investing in the digitalisation of their department if they wish to be ‘fit for the purpose’ and ‘fit for the future’.

This digital journey, however, goes beyond simply tackling technological aspects. Finance leaders must reinvent themselves and their department on an organisational and cultural level, too.

In order to successfully embark on this digitalisation journey, the Centre for Financial Leadership & Digital Transformation has created a white paper on the influence of digitalisation on the finance function. It discusses how to design a digital transformation strategy along with the 9 must-have characteristics of a true digital finance leader.

Content of this whitepaper

In this white paper, you will learn more about:

  • How to formulate and execute a digital transformation strategy

  • Digital technologies & trends that will change the finance function

  • Characteristics of a truly digital finance leader

"Digital Transformation starts at the top. Leaders have to be digitally literate."

Peter Van Laer, CEO BDO Belgium

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Is your finance department fit for the purpose and fit for the future?

The CFO of tomorrow is undoubtedly a digital one who has to create and increase value for his or her finance department. To help CFO’s tackle the digital challenge, BDO has created a 360° multidisciplinary solution to evaluate whether the existing resources and strategy suffice on 4 areas: technology management, data management, value creation and value protection.

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About the Centre for financial leadership & digital transformation

The Centre for Financial Leadership & Digital Transformation was launched on 7 October 2020 by Vlerick Business School in partnership with BDO Belgium. The Centre aims to provide finance leaders with a broad and deep understanding of technology, so they can operate in a more agile way in the digital era.

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