The Future of the Car Dealership

The 9 main factors that have impact

Car dealers, like the whole world of mobility, are undergoing profound changes driven by 9 major factors. These factors (and their interrelationship) have an impact on different time horizons and vary in magnitude. They have the potential to be particularly disruptive to the car sales and after-sales model.

In order to position themselves correctly in this changing market, a structured and multidisciplinary approach must be put in place. This approach must take into account the specificities of each dealer and garage with regard to the main disruptive factors.

The 4 main factors are often grouped under the acronym CASE:

How can we help

  • Objective and independent assessment of the dealership’s situation

  • Determine short-term priorities to face the long-term changes

  • Implementation of solutions alongside the manager

  • Team of cross-sector specialists coordinated by one person

  • 100% involvement, variable remuneration structure

Content of this whitepaper

In this white paper, you will learn more about:

  • A short explanation of the contemporary dealer market

  • An overview of each of the 9 major factors that have an impact on the car dealership model as it is today. For every factor, the specific impact is explained.

    • Connectivity
    • Autonomy
    • The Sharing Model
    • Electrification
    • Digitalization
    • Gradual departure of elderly owners
    • War for talent
    • Generation Z
    • Consolidation of the sector
  • A conclusion on how and why dealerships will have to adapt their model to survive.

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