Agile maturity self-assessment

Is your organisation operating in an agile way? Or are you still relying on a traditional waterfall method? Nowadays, organisations are continuously challenged to satisfy their customers’ needs whilst optimising the trade-off between time, cost, efficiency, quality and risk.

At BDO, we have worked with many companies and teams in several industries to introduce them to agile, implement the new approach or help them increase their maturity level. Based on this expertise, we developed our own agile maturity assessment. By filling out this introductory test, you will be able to reflect on your processes, practices and team or organisational values.

Agile Maturity Score

By opting for an agile approach, your organisation will:

  • Deliver new functionalities of better quality

  • Fulfil customer requirements and needs better by involving them from the beginning

  • Save sunk costs by making adjustments in an iterative and efficient way

  • Increase employee autonomy, improve team dynamics, boost creativity and motivation, and reduce overall churn

  • Manage uncertainty and complexity by having a clear structure in place that takes different risks into account

  • Facilitate the continuous flow of value, creating a far leaner, self-organising and self-managing organisation

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