Customer centricity and fulfilling the increasing market demands has become a standard business practice. As a consequence, organisations are continuously challenged to build their strategy around their customers’ needs whilst optimising the trade-off between time, cost, quality and risk.

You may find your current silo-based organisation no longer suffices to answer your customers’ wishes. Additionally, the ever-growing number of customer segments, digital channels and local markets increasingly complicates business, adding uncertainty and volatility. The better you manage these shifting needs, the more value you can create.

Gain more insight in how to reduce organisational complexity to meet increasing customer requirements by opting for an agile approach. This organisational structure is based on customer collaboration and involves your client from the beginning. Discover more about this business approach and its benefits in our white paper.


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In this white paper

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Our approach

Looking for support in agile business transformation across the entire value chain? Our Strategy and Transformation experts help you – independently – to apply the appropriate techniques and coach your teams. Step by step we achieve your objective in an engaged and pragmatic way. Together, we set up the required organisation structure for an agile way of working.

Meet our experts

Pieter-Jan Pattyn
Pieter-Jan PattynPartner
BDO Strategy & Transformation
Tel.: +32 498 16 14 13
Carl Tilkin-Franssens
Carl Tilkin-FranssensSenior IT Consultant
BDO Digital
Tel.: +32 475 81 12 81
Rani Torrekens
Rani TorrekensManagement Consultant
BDO Strategy & Transformation
Tel.: +32 475 44 41 17
Tony Pans
Tony PansManagement Consultant
BDO Strategy & Transformation
Tel.: +32 475 49 81 47

Operate more efficiently at a lower risk, maximising customer value thanks to an agile business approach. Find out how in our white paper.