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2311, 2021

People helping people

People helping people Peter Van Laer, CEO BDO Belgium Like so many others, I too could hardly believe my eyes when I watched the disconcerting television images of the floods in our country. You don’t expect something like that, not so close to home anyway. You want to help, but you cannot control the floods. You feel for the victims, as a human being, as a compatriot, as a neighbour. As an entrepreneur, you want to [...]

2211, 2021

The future belongs to the young

The future belongs to the young Young BDO unites young talent within BDO Belgium Laurien Van Nieuwenhove, Content Officer BDO Marketing & Communication Our future lies in the hands of the younger generations. However, with the corona pandemic and the fierce ‘war for talent’, it has not been easy for them in the business world. Young BDO offers solace in the form of a new platform where young professionals in BDO Belgium can make their voices [...]

2211, 2021

Step into the future today

Step into the future today BDO partners with the Living Tomorrow innovation campus Laurien Van Nieuwenhove, Content Officer BDO Marketing & Communication BDO Belgium has connected with the Living Tomorrow innovation campus as an exclusive partner for the coming 5 years. With this partnership, we are highlighting our growing and future-oriented advisory services. And we want to attract the coveted talent so that we can build a more innovative, sustainable and inclusive future together. [...]

2211, 2021

BDO Advisory

BDO Advisory Multidisciplinary expertise for all your business challenges Koen Claessens, Partner BDO Advisory The challenges facing companies today are as diverse as they are numerous. So, if you want to tackle them effectively, you need a wide range of knowledge and expertise. The BDO Advisory team comprises approximately 200 experts, ready to provide you with multidisciplinary support in the areas of technology, organisation, people, risk management and finance. After more than [...]

2211, 2021

Green mobility: what changes in terms of tax?

Green mobility: what changes in terms of tax? Sien Vandezande, Consultant, Melissa Claessens, Manager BDO Tax, International Mobility Services Recently, the Belgian legislator has been focusing on the greening of the vehicle fleet. The outlines of the bill are clear: only the costs for zero emission cars will still be tax deductible. Furthermore, the installation of charging stations provides the right to an investment deduction or tax reduction. Tax deductibility of company car costs [...]

2211, 2021

Split purchase of real estate

Split purchase of real estate Current situation in the 3 regions Sam De Neve, Consultant, Sarah van Bree, Junior Manager BDO Tax, Estate Planning Last year, in Flanders alone, 5,383 deeds were registered in which the usufruct and bare ownership of an item of real estate were purchased simultaneously by several natural persons. This shows that the split purchase is still a popular technique in estate planning. But make sure you are well-informed beforehand. The wrong [...]

2211, 2021

‘No plan is a plan to fail’

‘No plan is a plan to fail’ 9 steps to a solid business plan Philip Lodewyckx, Partner BDO Accountancy Did you know that companies that make a business plan grow up to 30% faster than companies that do not? That you have twice as much chance of getting the necessary financing with a well-thought-out business plan? 9 steps are enough. The added value follows. What is a business plan? A business [...]

2211, 2021

Waiving commercial rent

Waiving commercial rent After fiscal clarity, now also accounting clarity Dirk Vandendaele, Partner BDO Accountancy The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to close their doors partially or completely. Liquidity problems and difficulties in paying the commercial rent soon followed. The temporary waiving of the rent brought some relief. In a recent opinion, the Belgian Accounting Standards Commission (CBN) explains how you can process the waiving in your accounts. Waiving is not [...]

2211, 2021

Local presence is key

Local presence is key BDO partners with fiduciary Dekegeleer in Hainaut Fabrice Grognard, Partner BDO Tax, Alexandre Streel, Partner BDO Financial Advisory Since September, BDO has had a foothold in all of Belgium’s provinces. Until the partnership with fiduciary Dekegeleer from Mouscron, Hainaut was still a blind spot in the network. The future-oriented cooperation with Dekegeleer fits within the development of a finely-meshed, flexible network and with BDO’s growth strategy and proximity vision. [...]

2211, 2021

Teleworking from abroad

Teleworking from abroad Tax and legal consequences and risks Charlotte Van Braeckel, Senior Consultant BDO Legal, Nancy Slegers, Partner BDO Tax Teleworking from abroad is becoming more and more common. However, you should ask yourself what the rules are. Can it be regulated, and what are the risks for both the employer and the employee from a tax, legal and social law perspective? In our globalised world, ever more employees are working [...]

2211, 2021

Data analysis and management: friend or foe?

Data analysis and management: friend or foe? Tim Bottelbergs, Partner BDO Digital Steven Cauwenberghs, Partner BDO Risk Advisory Walter Vanherle, Partner BDO Digital Every organisation produces data. But not everyone actually does something with them. Yet this goldmine of information can be the compass your organisation needs to navigate the increasingly digital corporate landscape. Good data analyses and management are indispensable in this regard. How? Asking the question is answering it… You don’t have to open [...]

2211, 2021

Retain talent in your company!

Retain talent in your company! With stock options or other employee participations Anne-Charlotte Lelièvre, Senior Manager BDO Legal Nicolas Thémelin, Senior Manager BDO Tax The COVID-19 crisis has profoundly changed the way we work, but also the way in which employees look at that ‘new way of working’. It is now up to companies to keep their available talent motivated and on board. All means are welcome in this regard. Stock options, for example, are clearly [...]

2211, 2021

The reconstruction reserve

The reconstruction reserve Is your company eligible? Bart De Neve, Senior Consultant, Bart Janssens, Senior Manager BDO Tax The government has already introduced a lot of measures to help curb the severe economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the fiscal side, for example, there is the reconstruction reserve – a measure to support not only small but also large companies in restoring their solvency position. Is your company eligible for this support measure? Companies [...]

2211, 2021

‘Employee engagement’: a fine example of pure craftsmanship

‘Employee engagement’: a fine example of pure craftsmanship Turn your employer brand into a unique asset Laurien Van Nieuwenhove, Content Officer BDO Marketing & Communication No less than 87% of employees don’t feel engaged when it comes to their employer, even though employee engagement is fundamental to a company’s success. In other words: high time for action! Marketing experts Inge van Belle and Klaus Lommatzsch have used their extensive experience to write ‘Employee engagement, what else?’, [...]

2211, 2021

Step into the sustainable future today

Step into the sustainable future today Werner Lapage, Partner BDO Belgium Is sustainability the new Holy Grail? That’s how it seems. In the broadest sense of the word, that is. Sustainability goes far beyond environmentally-friendly business and is a story of values and norms. It offers “a format for a prosperous and resilient economy with long-term perspectives,” writes Peter Van Laer in his opinion piece. Companies without a vision that embraces sustainability will eventually put themselves out [...]

2306, 2021

What you need to know about the innovation income deduction

Since 1 July 2016, companies with innovative ideas have been able to make use of the innovation income deduction when developing their services, goods or software, in addition to many other support measures to significantly reduce their average tax rate. Unlike its predecessor, the patent income deduction, the innovation income deduction has a broader scope. Let’s discuss the measure in more detail.

1905, 2021

Building a sustainable future together!

Building a sustainable future together! On 24 May 2019, millions of young and not-so-young people in 1,600 cities and 125 countries took to the streets in support of the climate. With their protests, they drew attention to the urgency of environmental action and demanded that governments comply with the Paris climate agreement. And they asked for the support of businesses, because climate change is affecting the entire economic world. BDO is already setting the example. Its brand-new multidisciplinary Sustainability team has published the first CSR Report.

1905, 2021

“Entrepreneurship comes down to: those who don’t dare, don’t win.”

“Entrepreneurship comes down to: those who don’t dare, don’t win.” From local parties to national events, such as SuperNova and The Big Score. From a lucrative business selling notes and exam questions to setting up international companies, such as Clear2Pay and SmartFin. Top entrepreneur Jürgen Ingels’ journey has been pretty impressive. He has now bundled these experiences in a book with 50 tips for entrepreneurs. About his Swedish chocolate adventure, Pampers, a Porsche, the turkey syndrome, invoices and wine.

1905, 2021

“You create the perfect job yourself!”

You create the perfect job yourself! Contrary to popular belief, building a successful career does not mean accumulating promotions and getting to the top as quickly as possible. In “Making your way: The (wobbly) road to success and happiness in life and work”, Marion Debruyne, Dean at Vlerick Business School, and Katleen De Stobbeleir, Full Professor at the same institution, unravel fifteen 15 myths about career success and happiness in life.

1905, 2021

Lifelong learning with BDO Academy

In this rapidly changing society, lifelong learning has become the new normal. Not only for employees who want to maintain their ‘job security’ and market value, but also for companies and organisations who want to bring the skills and competences of their employees in line with their strategic objectives. BDO Academy helps and facilitates companies develop their employees’ personal growth paths. It also offers a wide range of customised training and education programmes.

1905, 2021

Belgian foundations on the rise

Belgian foundations on the rise. New rules make the legal form more attractive. With the new Companies and Associations Code, Belgians are much less inclined to resort to the Dutch foundation to transfer or anchor their family business. In 2020, over 50% more Belgian private foundations were established in Belgium than the previous year. The number used as an administration office increased almost threefold. In this article, we examine what is driving this sudden increase.

1905, 2021

Real-time accounting

Real-time accounting, the digital link between manager and accountant. Even though the digital transition of companies is in full swing, directors and managers often wait for weeks to get access to their financial data. That problem weakens competitiveness. Real-time accounting brings relief.

1905, 2021

Are you ready for the post-Brexit era?

Are you ready for the post-Brexit era? VAT, customs, GDPR and mobility of workers. Since 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European internal market. The long Brexit negotiations led at the last minute to a new trade agreement between the European Union and the UK. This agreement regulates relations in all their dimensions, from trade and customs formalities, to the protection of personal data and to the organisation of international employment. We answer the most frequently asked questions.

1905, 2021

Municipal mergers – do they make sense?

Municipal mergers - do they make sense or not? BDO’s benchmark study confirms merger opportunities. Flanders has 300 municipalities and more and more of them are toying with the idea of merging – to strengthen their financial base, and because scale is important. The larger a municipality, the more power it has to serve its citizens. But a merger is not something you rush into. Our experts have developed a step-by-step plan to assist local authorities during the merger process.

1905, 2021

Ready for the whistleblowers?

Ready for the whistleblowers? At the end of 2021, Belgium must transpose the European Directive on whistleblowers into national law. The directive regulates how companies and public authorities can report violations of certain EU regulations and how they can protect the reporter or whistleblower. The related reporting system must meet specific conditions and takes a considerable amount of time to set up.

1905, 2021

House of HR: “It has been a tough but amazing year!”

House of HR: “It has been a tough but amazing year!” COVID-19 chipped away at the business of the European HR service provider ‘House of HR’ – but thanks to the resilience, creativity and perseverance of all employees in all countries, the damage in 2020 was limited to 1% (!) loss in profitability. CEO Rika Coppens: “In fact, our purpose and values not only held firm, they also confirmed how fundamental and intrinsic they are to the well-being and strength of our people, and therefore to our group.”

1905, 2021

How healthy will your company emerge from the COVID-19 crisis?

How healthy will your company emerge from the COVID-19 crisis? Check your health with our 7P Diagnostic Tool. Despite the health crisis, some companies are more confident about their growth opportunities than others. Research by BDO Global revealed the reasons. We combined our findings into a 7P model to give you insight into these more successful companies’ priorities and actions. Better yet, our experts have developed a 7P Diagnostic Tool so that you can check your own company’s health and measure it against the market. Go for it!

1805, 2021

Beyers Koffie: “No people, no cup of coffee!”

Beyers Koffie: no people, no cup of coffee! During the COVID-19 crisis, the health and safety of its employees was always the greatest concern of coffee roaster Beyers Koffie. After all, no people means no production. “Therefore, the task was to ensure that everyone stayed motivated and productive despite the strict health measures,” explains CEO Marco Ciaramelli.

1805, 2021

Astra Sweets: “Switching in the short-term with a view to the long-term strategy.”

You can sit in a corner and cry or make the best of it with all your might. Astra Sweets resolutely chose the latter. The sweets producer did not panic because of the crisis, but it did bring about a shift in some accents in the short-term. Managing Director Ronald Luyckx: “We tried to identify and capitalise on those opportunities that yield short-term results in order to offset the negative impact of the coronavirus crisis on certain market segments as much as possible. That’s in keeping with our no-nonsense culture.” In parallel, Astra Sweets continued to work on long-term strategic projects.

1805, 2021

With the ‘P’ of Performance

With the ‘P’ of Performance. Despite the health crisis, some companies are more confident about their growth opportunities than others. BDO experts have developed a 7P Diagnostic Tool so that you can check the health/success of your company or organisation and benchmark it against the market. Withdrawing into a corner is certainly not the right answer, as Jürgen Ingels and Marion Debruyne testify. In any case, BDO Belgium is not giving up. Proof of this is its latest acquisition: the Antwerp-based firm ‘Beirens & Wellens’. Even in the new normal, fiscal, social, and political movements continue to drive business and entrepreneurship. This issue of ‘To The Point’ homes in on the impact of the Programme Law, the new law on whistleblowers, the adapted rules for Belgian foundations, the consequences of Brexit on VAT, customs, GDPR and employee mobility, the importance of real-time accounting, and the new tax on securities accounts. Also covered: the BDO Academy, the CSR report, the tax on French dividends, and the sense and nonsense of municipal mergers.

1205, 2021

The future is today

The future is today. At the beginning of April 2021, BDO and the Antwerp accountancy firm ‘Beirens & Wellens’ joined forces. A very conscious and strategically complementary choice. The customers and employees of both players benefit, continuity is assured, the pool of experience and multidisciplinary expertise expands, and penetration in – and proximity to – the Belgian market is strengthened.

1204, 2021

Impact of teleworking on international mobility of workers: employment right aspects

Impact of teleworking on international mobility of workers: employment right aspects Authors: Charline Leflot, Advisor BDO Legal, and Lola Degrez, Senior BDO Legal To avoid the spread of coronavirus, a large number of employers around the world have been forced to move their employees to teleworking. This mandatory remote working may impact the situation of certain internationally-mobile workers who now find themselves teleworking on Belgian territory. Let’s address certain employment aspects that may arise due [...]

704, 2021

Working from home: what tax-exempted options does an employer have with respect to reimbursing costs and providing supplies for home offices as from 1 March 2021?

Working from home: what tax-exempted options does an employer have with respect to reimbursing costs and providing supplies for home offices as from 1 March 2021? Author: Melissa Claessens, Supervisor BDO Tax As from 1 March 2021, the new tax circular (Circular 2021/C/20), created in consultation with the National Social Security Office, comes into force for situations of working from home that have occurred since 1 January 2020. On the basis of this circular, the employer [...]

704, 2021

How do you coach employees and managers in a hybrid way of working?

How do you coach employees and managers in a hybrid way of working? Author: Geert Volders, Partner BDO Strategy & Transformation Coaching and leadership is not an easy given in an environment where all employees work at the exact same time and location, let alone in a situation where the entire team switches to a hybrid working mode, adding an extra layer of complexity. Our Strategy & Transformation experts share their vision on successfully managing [...]

704, 2021

Teleworking and the implications for taxation in the context of company tax

Teleworking and the implications for taxation in the context of company tax How does remote working influence the place where the company’s profits will be taxed? Author: Olivier Michiels, Partner BDO Tax The OECD states that a company is taxable in the country where it is a tax resident unless it has a taxable permanent establishment in another treaty country. The location of the company’s directors/senior management/employees is a crucial element  for determining a [...]

704, 2021

Teleworking impact on employees and company directors benefitting from the special tax regime for foreign executives and specialists

Teleworking impact on employees and company directors benefitting from the special tax regime for foreign executives and specialists Authors: Yana Slachmuylders, Senior, Nicolas Stockmans, Partner BDO Tax The corona crisis has impacted our lives in an unprecedented way. Not only did we have to adjust personally and socially, our professional lives also significantly changed with organisations and its employees being obliged to reorganise their way of working in the blink of an eye. It’s likely that [...]

704, 2021

Cross-border workers, COVID-19 and teleworking

Cross-border workers, COVID-19 and teleworking What are the tax and social security implications for cross-border employment? Authors: Françoise Verreux, Supervisor, Isabelle Schunck, Senior Manager BDO Tax COVID-19 has been affecting our daily lives and disrupting our living habits for a year now. To prevent its spread, unprecedented measures have been taken all over the world such as a ban on “non-essential” travel, mandatory quarantine when returning from abroad, and of course teleworking. Many people [...]

1011, 2020

The future begins today

How is it possible that a microscopic organism has caused the whole world to reset? The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has hit our well-being hard with an unprecedented socio-economic and social impact. Never before has the economy had to downscale itself so drastically without an economic reason to do so. As a result, this year, the Belgian economy is heading for the biggest economic contraction in its post-war history. The question is whether we – as [...]

1011, 2020

BDO integrates Sustainable Development Goals

BDO integrates Sustainable Development Goals As a consultancy firm with over 700 employees, we are more conscious than ever of our responsibility towards our employees, customers and stakeholders. ‘People helping people’ expresses our purpose and is completely in line with our DNA: BDO is committed, pragmatic, personal and respectful. Author: Michaël Van Cutsem, Partner BDO Public Sector Image: https://sdgs.un.org/goals Based on this vision, our strategy has integrated the Sustainable Development Goals [...]

2810, 2020

How do you budget in times of corona?

How do you budget in times of corona? For many companies, it’s time to get to work on the annual budget. However, the economic impact of the COVID-19 health crisis is not making it any easier to define plans and budget for the coming year. After all, companies must anticipate various scenarios and take into account specific risks and opportunities within the business environment. But because lack of certainty is a poor advisor, we will attempt to answer [...]

2810, 2020

All about the ‘carry back scheme’

All about the ‘carry back scheme’ Tax support promotes solvency during the COVID-19 crisis For many entrepreneurs, the coronavirus crisis is having a significant impact on their financial forecast for the current financial year. To avoid needlessly increasing costs, the government has launched the so-called carry back scheme. This is an early loss deduction for corporate, personal tax and non-resident income tax (companies/natural persons). Let us explain. Authors: Amber Van Landeghem, Advisor, Liesbeth Debusschere, Manager BDO [...]

2810, 2020

How is Belgium interpreting the European DAC6 directive?

How is Belgium interpreting the European DAC6 directive? BDO develops DAC6 reporting tool in a previous edition of To The Point (03/2019), we took a closer look at the reasoning behind, and implications of, the new DAC6 tax reporting obligation as set out in the European Directive 2018/822. Belgium transposed this directive into Belgian legislation in the nick of time. The tax administration subsequently published a list of Frequently Asked Questions to further clarify the reporting obligation. [...]

2810, 2020

Do’s and don’ts of the group contribution scheme, or tax consolidation

Do's and don’ts of the group contribution scheme, or tax consolidation The so-called Summer Agreement of 2017 on corporate tax reform introduced the group contribution scheme. Belgian legislation hereby gained a tax consolidation system, albeit in limited form. Author: Mady Francken, Senior Advisor BDO Tax Profit transfers The group contribution scheme centres on the idea of a profitable company within a corporate group transferring all or some of its profits to an affiliated company that [...]

2810, 2020

‘My accountant powered by BDO’ – The Aion story

“My accountant powered by BDO” – The Aion story Polish ‘banking Netflix’ links accountancy to banking Accountancy goes far beyond simply dealing with your VAT administration and drawing up a balance sheet. Our experts apply much of their time and know-how to making customers’ administrative processes optimal, automated and ‘dummy-proof’, and this also applies to our customers’ customers. Polish fintech firm Vodeno and its digital bank Aion offer SMEs a single integrated online platform for accounting and [...]

2810, 2020

Searching for the X factor in tomorrow’s leadership

Searching for the X factor in tomorrow’s leadership In a world of exponential change, accelerating digital transformation and the COVID-19 crisis, human connections are an increasingly essential part of leadership. However, many managers struggle to connect deeply with their people and what motivates them. Jan De Schepper, executive director at BDO Digital, and Paul Van Den Bosch, coach to elite athletes, recently co-authored a book that explains how to do things better. Author: Laurien Van Nieuwenhove, Content [...]

2710, 2020

Resumption of social elections process

Resumption of social elections process Due to the COVID-19 crisis, few or no employees have been physically present in the workplace, which has severely disrupted normal operations at many companies. As implementing the usual social election process was no longer feasible, the Group of Ten (the top employer and trade union negotiators) collectively decided to suspend the process. What happens now? Authors: Charlotte Van Braeckel, Junior Consultant, Johannes Pannus, Advisor BDO Social Legal On 17 March [...]

2710, 2020

Teleworking from a legal, tax and ‘change’ perspective

Teleworking from a legal, tax and ‘change’ perspective With working from home mandatory or recommended during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are considering how to reorganise their work so as to structurally incorporate teleworking in the future. A survey by BDO reveals that, since the lockdown, 9 out of 10 Belgian employees and managers would like to work from home between one and three days a week. Do you want to embed teleworking in your organisation? If so, [...]

2710, 2020

BDO launches the ‘Office of the CFO’

BDO launches the ‘Office of the CFO’ Is your finance department ‘fit for the purpose’ and ‘fit for the future’? The coronavirus crisis is exerting great pressure on CFOs and, at the same time, it’s exposing a number of bottlenecks. For example, the question arises whether your finance department has enough leeway and the right resources to meet current and future expectations. What is the degree of performance (including digital), relevance and accuracy of the available data, [...]

2710, 2020

How to enhance your company’s value?

How to enhance your company’s value? “Value enhancement offers tangible results.” The COVID-19 crisis is hitting our economy hard, threatening the survival of many SMEs in particular. Making it through the current phase of the crisis will depend on cost reduction, improved productivity, product adaptation and business optimisation. These serve not only to increase a company’s profitability, but also its value. BDO has developed a hands-on Value Enhancement method to sustainably enhance companies’ value. Authors: Maxime [...]

1410, 2020

The CFO’s future starts today

The CFO’s future starts today BDO partners with Vlerick Business School On 7 October, Vlerick Business School launched its ‘Centre for Financial Leadership & Digital Transformation’. BDO Belgium and BDO Global will serve as primary knowledge partners and experience experts. The aim? ‘To take the finance department to the next level through digital transformation.’ Additionally, the Centre is intended to be a community with a strong focus on practical applications for everyone who wants to advance digitally [...]

2404, 2020

“Buzzwords don’t grow the business”

“Buzzwords don’t grow the business” BDO Global’s European Survey assesses growth ambitions and obstacles Today, European businesses find themselves facing a growing number of challenges. So how do they intend to maintain their growth and market position in today’s fast-changing political, economic and social world? BDO Global conducted a Europe-wide survey among more than 200 business leaders, focusing on their 5-year strategy. We asked Trond-Morten Lindberg, CEO EMEA at BDO Global, to comment on the survey results. [...]

2404, 2020

CCA establishes new rules for payments and annual accounts

CCA establishes new rules for payments and annual accounts Since 1 January 2020, the new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations (CCA) also applies to existing legal entities. This law establishes several new mandatory provisions and overhauls others. There are new rules relating to payments, for example. Furthermore, a new annual accounts model is now in effect. We will use several frequently asked questions to explore the most relevant aspects of these new rules in greater detail. [...]

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