Roadmap towards a sustainable fleet

Tools and best practices

Sylvia Van Den Broeck – HR Operations & Reward Manager BDO Belgium
Delphine Vanassche – Senior Manager BDO Tax
Leslie De Buyser – Manager BDO Legal
Christophe Charbel – Local Office & Facilities Supervisor Brussels & Wallonia
Stephan Vandewiele – Operations Director BDO Belgium

Climate change is no longer just a matter for the environment and the planet. It has penetrated every link in every business chain. And it determines to a significant extent how a company performs, which customers and employees it attracts, and with which suppliers it does or does not collaborate. When we zoom in on the greening of the vehicle fleet, for most companies this means electrifying their company cars. This is not an easy exercise! To help you on your way, we have listed the various steps. Together they form a script based on our own experience and best practices with customers. These are tools, not dogmas – because, just like very enterprising Belgium, we at BDO are still searching.

“Ban all company cars? You simply can’t do that.”