Step into the future today

BDO partners with the Living Tomorrow innovation campus

Laurien Van Nieuwenhove, Content Officer BDO Marketing & Communication

BDO Belgium has connected with the Living Tomorrow innovation campus as an exclusive partner for the coming 5 years. With this partnership, we are highlighting our growing and future-oriented advisory services. And we want to attract the coveted talent so that we can build a more innovative, sustainable and inclusive future together.

Innovation and top talent as fuel for the future

After more than a year and a half of the corona pandemic, one thing is certain: digitalisation is continuing apace. And BDO is no exception. Even before COVID-19, we had already boarded the digitalisation train. And under pressure from the corona crisis, that train has shifted up a gear.

For a long time now, BDO has been a consultant that offers much more than financial and legal expertise. During this time, we have evolved significantly and now have some 200 Advisory consultants (also read ‘Multidisciplinary expertise for all your business challenges’) who assist organisations in the most diverse business challenges (including digital ones), from risk management and IT projects to practical AI and drone technology applications.

Of course, the digital innovation also influences our familiar services. Just think of the use of AI and digital image processing for stock counting during an audit. Or even automatic data capture in real-time accounting (also read ‘Real-time accounting: Digital link between manager and accountant’ in To The Point 01/2021) or the calculation of growth subsidies for SMEs. In today’s highly competitive world, cross-business innovation is a very strong weapon.

In addition, the ‘war for talent’ is once again breaking loose. “COVID-19 has not made the fight any easier,” says Peter Van Laer, CEO BDO Belgium. “Yet the pandemic has also opened up a world of new possibilities. To maintain our competitive advantage, we are vigorously targeting the inflow of young people. And also the expertise and development of experienced employees who are essential for sustainable and qualitative growth.”

“By immersing our employees in the world of innovation, they are even better equipped to go that extra mile for our customers.”

Walter Vanherle, Partner BDO Digital

An idea today, a reality tomorrow

Last year, BDO entered into a partnership with Vlerick Business School to familiarise the finance experts of tomorrow with the latest technologies (also read ‘The CFO’s future starts today’ in To The Point 02/2020). Today, thanks to the partnership with Living Tomorrow, we are strengthening our market position as an innovative player and business challenger.

Living Tomorrow (formerly the ‘House of the Future’) has been living in the future for decades now. To predict it, of course, but also (and above all) to create it. Joachim De Vos, CEO Living Tomorrow: “Science and technology are evolving at lightning speed. How we deal with it is up to us. You can stand aside and undergo the changes, or you can ride the wave of developments and turn them to your own advantage.”

To make this future a reality, Living Tomorrow can count on an extensive arsenal of partners. BDO’s ‘sweet spot’? A holistic view of innovative business solutions. “As an exclusive partner, our great asset lies in our advisory services, which go way beyond merely implementing business solutions,” says Walter Vanherle, Digital expert BDO Belgium. “Thanks to this partnership, we can immerse our clients and BDO colleagues alike in the world of innovation, so that, together, they are even better equipped to implement innovative, sustainable and future-proof solutions.”

Mission partnership BDO Belgium – Living Tomorrow

Together with Living Tomorrow, BDO wants to:

  • Encourage, launch and support cooperative and open innovation projects;

  • Share knowledge and resources with both internal and external stakeholders;

  • Make inspiring predictions about the future based on one’s own creations, thanks to technologies within BDO and community working;

  • Develop talents via a further unfurling of the potential of existing employees and the attraction of new employees;

  • Deliver direct and indirect social contributions and generate leads. Not only nationally, but also for the global BDO network;

  • Stimulate engagement by engaging with forward-thinking groups, leaders and academics.

Threefold partnership

The strength of our partnership lies in:

1. Future & innovation experience

Catch a glimpse of the future at one of Living Tomorrow’s many workshops, open days and events. A number of BDO partners will soon also be offering a fixed value by preparing customers and visitors for the innovative trends in the sectors in which BDO operates: namely, Real Estate, Healthcare, Transport & Logistics and Technology.

2. Inspiring meeting place

With Living Tomorrow, BDO has a new meeting place for customers and employees. There are auditoria for workshops, networking events with partners or recruitment days. And also for strategy meetings or C-level gatherings. And, of course, they are easily accessible by car and by public transport.

3. Unique ecosystem of partners

“Living Tomorrow is a unique ecosystem of partners in which, together, they formulate feasible solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Together we are stronger and are building a sustainable and smart future,” says Gert Maris, Sales Director BDO Belgium.

“With Living Tomorrow, BDO wants to be one step ahead of the future. Together we are building a sustainable and smart future.”

Peter Van Laer, CEO BDO Belgium

The Living Tomorrow knowledge platform is based on 5 ‘smart’ categories around living, healthcare, mobility, real estate and smart cities. These categories reflect the current changes in the B2B world and fit in seamlessly with the sectors and themes on which BDO is fully engaged. “It is practically impossible to tackle these social challenges alone. With Living Tomorrow, BDO wants to be one step ahead of the future. Because, as the American management writer Peter Drucker once said: ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself’,” concludes Peter Van Laer.

BDO enters a unique ecosystem of partners in search of feasible solutions for the business challenges of tomorrow.

‘House of the Future’ becomes a global innovation campus

Living Tomorrow is a social demonstration and innovation project that aims to prepare and inform organisations and people about the future. They accomplish this by providing research & development support to dozens of government institutions and companies in the form of open innovation, vision and strategy guidance, piloting and experimentation.

  • Living Tomorrow, a green innovation site on the outskirts of Brussels, is founded in 1995 as the first ‘House of the Future’. At that time, the campus already had 160 partners, good for an investment of EUR 6 million and 450,000 visitors.

  • In 2000, the House undergoes a transformation. Visitors can now catch a glimpse not only of futuristic living but also of the offices of the future.

  • 4 years later, the House crosses the border. The project in Amsterdam can count on an investment of no less than EUR 17 million and, consequently, also receives a lot of media attention. 750,000 visitors visit the site – a great success! Nevertheless, the Dutch location closes its doors in 2008. But that is by no means the end of Living Tomorrow’s global reach.

  • In 2007, Living Tomorrow launches its new concept: ‘house, office and creative industries of the future’. In addition to home and work innovations, additional lifestyle elements are also included.

  • In 2013, Living Tomorrow expands once again, this time within its Belgian boundaries: its first ‘Care Home of the Future’ opens In Zolder.

  • Today, all eyes are focused on the construction of the innovation campus that is to become the largest ‘technological showcase centre and living lab’ in Europe. The demo centre alone covers about 10,000 m2! The opening is planned for 2022. And, from January 2023, you can stay overnight at Living Tomorrow’s Hotel of the Future.