Mission to a sustainable planet

Werner Lapage, Partner BDO Belgium

While entrepreneur in heart and soul Jürgen Ingels takes us on his mission to Mars – and allows us to experience how important technology really is in our daily lives – BDO Belgium’s more than 850 employees are working day-in and day-out to make our way of doing business more sustainable. The cover page is too small to accommodate all our sustainability pioneers, but they open this To The Point with their story about our sustainability ambitions. And how we at BDO want to lead by example, inspire and put our weight behind building a sustainable future together with all our stakeholders.

Sustainable entrepreneurship gives meaning to work – and, in turn, meaningful work is a foundation for employee well-being. In a sustainable world of work, people’s well-being rightly receives a prominent place. More so even: “it is increasingly being recognised as a key driver that makes all the difference between success or failure,” writes Peter Van Laer in his opinion piece. After all, employees who feel good about themselves give their best. This is positive for the employee, the team, the organisation and the customer. Within this vision, BDO’s HR team and the Wenite start-up are rolling out a self-learning platform with which we continuously gauge the well-being of our employees and proactively propose solutions to boost their personal well-being.

“Being part of an innovative breeding ground gives a huge amount of energy.”

Meanwhile, everyone realises that climate, the environment and the planet are also fundamental pillars within the sustainable business model. And that, for many companies, a greener fleet represents an important step towards carbon neutrality. This exercise is far from easy – the script is complex and the challenge double – but with the right tools and roadmap, we will take you a long way.

Daring to question and rethink your company or organisation, wanting to be surprised, exploring things… Essentially, that’s what a strong, successful entrepreneur does every day. Discovering opportunities for growth for the business and binding customers, employees and stakeholders. But, more than anything else, this kind of entrepreneur feeds his or her ambitions. Which also explains why BDO has chosen to partner with the innovation campus Living Tomorrow. Being part of such a breeding ground – full of innovative ideas and concepts – also gives a huge amount of energy. Energy that we invest day-in, day-out in our business as usual. You can also read and feel this in our customers’ stories and the various other topics discussed in this issue of To The Point.