How can you ensure harmony within the family as well as the continuity of the family company?


Did you know that, in Belgium alone, 77% of the companies are family-owned? Consequently, managing them properly is of paramount importance. Easier said than done as running a family business involves many challenges. Think of unexpected market changes, a sudden death or a lack of clear agreements, for example.

However, family harmony and business continuity can indeed go perfectly hand-in-hand. Our white paper provides you with information on determining future prospects and the ownership structure and how to align family and company interests. In addition, we discuss the three essential components of well-structured, and therefore successful, transfers.

Content of this white paper

The following topics are covered in this white paper:
  • Introduction: which challenges do family companies face?

  • Have the future perspectives of the family company been adequately clarified?

  • What does the future ownership structure look like?

  • How do you reconcile family interests with business interests?

  • How can a process-based approach contribute to a successful succession?

  • The BDO family companies service

Our approach

Successful generation changes involve good planning. A specialist Trusted Business Advisor makes sure all steps are carried out correctly. Our BDO family company advisors have been assisting families and family companies in their transition to the next generation for more than 50 years. We support you with:

  • the preparation of a succession plan (step-by-step if necessary);
  • the accompaniment of the process in the implementation of this plan;

  • the organisation of a “Next Generation” programme;

  • the design of a successor assessment and its elaboration;

  • support for family & corporate governance;

  • the formation of a strategy and the set-up of a programme to improve profitability;

  • the preparation of an emergency succession plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Ensure harmony within the family and the continuity of the family company