Companies work with a mountain of data that are used or shared in a cumbersome, inadequate or unreliable manner, or even not at all. Incomplete information as well as the cumbersome processing of these data make processes inefficient, complex, archaic and time-consuming. It is up to business leaders to generate productivity gains in this area as well. New technologies such as process mining, data-sharing platforms and the Internet of Things (IoT), are the ideal technological solutions to achieve successful “chain operations” and “data sharing”. These new technologies ensure that the parties can share information and optimise their processes in a reliable manner. Sharing is becoming the new multiplying.

The integration of new digital technology is a complex and far-reaching process. It’s like trying to change the course of a tanker – it takes effort and time. However, there are other ways of (immediately) improving productivity. Today it is already possible to work more quickly and accurately using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Speedboats and tugboats that help the tanker on its way.

“RPA constitutes an important link in the next efficiency and productivity boost.”

Thanks to RPA, employees have more time which they can use to work in a more customer-oriented manner, devise more simple and effective processes or simply cope with the increasing work volume.

In this white paper

By downloading and reading this whitepaper, you’ll receive answers to the following questions:

  • Overview: what is RPA and what is its added value?

  • Advantages & benefits: why opt for RPA?

  • Attended or unattended? Our RPA bots can be used in two ways

  • Help, where do I start? The fast lane to RPA success

  • The AI future of RPA: acting vs. thinking

  • Our approach: from pilot to full-scale RPA

  • Tips & Tricks: increase the success rate of your RPA project

  • In practice: a few business cases

Our approach

Automation and digitisation require technological insight into innovative possibilities for data processing and analysis as well as organisation and change management. Human change management and knowledge of company processes also increase.

The experts at BDO Digital support you in complex digital transformation at the company and sectoral level across the entire value chain. They help you – independently – to select the best technology. Step by step we achieve the objective, win an engaged and pragmatic manner.

  • RPA4XXX Pilot

  • Ideation in different Departments with the Pilot and using initial and growing number “Use Cases”

  • Asses and Score candidate processes with BDO’s Business Case approach. Highest score is adopted in a next wave.

  • Realisations with Experienced & Cross-Domain (Data, Process and Integration) team. Catalogue routines (in-house, community, BDO’s) for faster realisation.

  • Benefit tracking. Close follow-up on the time and € (direct and indirect) saved with support of RPA.

  • Center of Excellence Set-up,Client Onboarding, and follow-through with market

Meet our experts

Walter Vanherle
Partner BDO Advisory | Digital Process & Data Intelligence Analytics & RPAutomation


  • +32 497 59 62 26

Steven Laeremans
Senior Manager BDO Advisory | Digital RPAutomation Leader


  • +32 493 51 63 03

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