Start building your hybrid working organisation of tomorrow, today

The key to successful hybrid working is in your hands

It doesn’t need repeating that the coronavirus pandemic has boosted teleworking immeasurably. Previously a nice little extra benefit at many companies, teleworking is currently mandatory and set to be the normal way of things in future. Or not?

What will your working regime in the post-COVID-19 era look like? Will you return to how things were? Or will you be structurally integrating teleworking in a hybrid work organisation?

With thorough preparation and an in-depth cost-benefit analysis, you can optimise your organisation on the short term and create a positive story for your managers and employees. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that doing nothing will cost you just as much.

4B model: the roadmap to the NWOW

To integrate and exceed last year’s experiences, a detailed NWOW vision for 2021-2025 is essential. The vision must be consistent in four dimensions, which we call the 4 B’s.

They encompass all kinds of hybrid working aspects such as:

  • Teleworking policy

  • (digital) communication

  • Mobility

  • Coaching and management

  • Culture and DNA

When preparing your NWOW, make it a priority to determine what elements you must and can adapt on the short term to create a successful hybrid work organisation.

Count on BDO in the NWOW

Our Strategy & Transformation experts are happy to set up balanced business case. Together, we determine the right NWOW vision for your organisation, both on the short and long term, so you can easily navigate this new reality. Because the future starts today.

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